Geneva hosted the International Star for Quality Convention to reward highly-qualified professionals currently involved in large projects, whose decisions affect millions of people around the world and whose work meets the criteria of the ISO 9000 and the QC100 TQM model. All of them were present at the 2012 BID Quality Convention.

Mr. Ibrahim Ali Al-Saeed, and Mr. Frankie Toh, of HIGH SEAS Marine & Industrial Services Co. Ltd (HSM), a leading company specializing in marine support services in Saudi Arabia, proudly accepted the BID International Star for Quality Award at the International Quality Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Ibrahim Ali Al-Saeed, Managing Director and Mr. Frankie Toh General Manager , proudly stood before the international community at the 2012 International Quality convention in Geneva, Switzerland, sharing the achievement of HSM, as well as the company’s future plans and goals. Defiant in the face of the pressures of the current global economy, HSM strives to excel every day in quality and creating a competitive edge; a clear indication of their affirmative role as a leader. For this reason HSM was named a winner of the 2012 BID International Star for Quality Award in Geneva; a trophy which BID presents to those companies from around the world that best adhere to excellence and innovation in their practices, putting quality first at all levels of the organization.