Tariq al-Tamimi .. to International Review …
• take much pride Saudis obtaining Zamil Offshore Services Excellence Award in shipbuilding in the Arab world in 2011.
• big-paced that made Zamil Marine Services in the shipbuilding industry qualifies them to build a large-sized ships during the coming period.
• efficient management and good organization and staffing of the energies and resources of human perseverance and determination to succeed are the most important factors that will help to provide Saudi shipping industry in general.

in session authentic Arab International Review she met a senior Saudi businessmen was happily on their meeting with Sheikh / Tariq bin Ali al-Tamimi. Prime Group of Companies Tamimi, were meeting in the hospitality sector in the news, we started the meeting by talking about the shipbuilding industry Arabia and Entrepreneurship Zamil Marine Services for the industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and achievements of the various achievements in the field of shipbuilding and maritime services and the latest of which was for the company’s Award International Review of excellence in shipbuilding in the Arab world for the year 2011 where cross-Sheikh / Tariq al-Tamimi.
– I congratulate the dear brother and friend Sheikh / Zamil Zamel. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamil Offshore Services on this great achievement obtaining the company’s Award for Excellence in shipbuilding in 2011, and is always one of the best to the best, then added: In fact, the company Zamil Offshore Services deserves this award for meritorious is one of the best operating companies in the services sector marine and shipbuilding in the Arab region and characterized by a high level of administration, management and ownership experience the makings to be always at the forefront of this has praised its sovereignty over the group of companies Zamil as a whole, describing Al Zamil as one of the best business and represent a good example for the youth of the business, both within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or throughout the Arab world, they have a good reputation and is embodied in all of them Saudi merchant image sincere they are always keen on their partners more than their eagerness to themselves.

• and enter the range Ali al-Abdullah al-Tamimi, the field of marine services through the high seas Marine Services Industry Co., Ltd. of the group says Sheikh / Tariq Al-Tamimi:

– We were thinking 25 years ago to enter the field of marine services, but we gave our most other areas which made us postpone access to this area that has many friendly companies of the Group encouraged to access this area as we were interested in this area for a considerable period so we re- Study the old idea with a study of the market well and then we are determined to access to this vital area of ​​the company high seas Marine Services He stressed that access to the area of ​​marine services is the purpose of constructive cooperation with companies operating in the market and give added value and not for the purpose of competition at all, and added saying: The aim of the high seas to work within the system of the successful companies in this area, such as Zamil Marine Services understand – as I said earlier – example and cooperate with them in this area is of great importance for us.

• and the importance of shipbuilding industry Arabia strategy and Aneksaha of positive impact on the maritime transport in general, says Saudi Sheikh / Tariq Al-Tamimi:

– The shipbuilding industry new to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and initiated Zamil It Her leadership in this industry and has been able in a short period that apply to this industry and achieve a high degree of excellence and we expect the industry more success and progress, and of the fact-paced big traveled by Zamil Marine Services in this industry, we believe they will be able to build ships with large volumes during the coming period, which will benefit Kabaraly maritime sector Saudi Arabia in general and pushes Saudi Arabia to be in advanced centers between the industrialized countries of the ships on the regional and international level.

– At the end of the meeting, Sheikh / Tariq al-Tamimi that the efficiency of management and organization and staffing good energies and human resources, perseverance and determination to succeed are the most important factors that help to provide the maritime industry Arabia in general and wished happiness all the progress and prosperity of the shipping industry, Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.