HIGH Seas Marine & Industrial Services Co. Ltd. (HSM) has been selected among 77 other international companies to receive the “Peak of Success” award during the BIZZ Arabia 2014 Convention that was held at the prestigious Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on 28th Sept 2014. This award is given only to companies that have obtained the BIZZ AWARD for the second time in a row.

In addition to receiving this distinguished award, HSM is also recognized as a “World Business Leader” who works in an innovative, knowledgeable and systematic manner and is accepted as an Elite Member of the World Confederation of Businesses (COB) community.

Instrumental to the success of HSM are Mr. Ibrahim Ali Al-Saeed, HSM Managing Director and Mr. Frankie Toh, HSM General Manager. Mr. Ibrahim Ali Al-Saeed is conferred with the “World Leader Business Person” award and Mr. Frankie Toh is conferred with the recognition of “Excellence in Business & Marketing Management”.